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Astire Games Inters

Astire Games hosts a team of interns every quarter to create and ship a game.

Current Interns

The current team of interns is just beginning their project. Information coming soon!

Winter 2017 Interns

The Winter 2017 Intern Team created and published the game Out Foxed on Android and iOS. The game is a stealth game about a fox trying to save chickens!

Why would a fox want to save chickens?

The Pig Domain has it’s eyes and a devious plan to rule the world. They’re designing the ultimate stink bomb to enslave the world. They have brawn, but not the brains! Big Pig has captured the Alliance's scientists in order to execute this dastardly plan.

“The Agency” was formed by the Alliance to save these chickens, and get our best scientists back.

That’s where our Agent Fox comes in, he’s is swift, sleek, and sly enough to tackle this mission. Both cute and deadly, he uses silence and mystery to his advantage. No one truly knows where he came from, who trained him, or even how he came to work for The Alliance. But he’s here now, and he’s kicking some serious pig butt.

Download the Android version from Google Play or Amazon and the iOS version from iTunes

Interested in applying for an internship? Apply here! Accepting applications for a 3-month team to start mid June. Applications are due by May 27.