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Cosmos Arena

Currently in development, target release on PC and tentative on PS4 and XBox One.

Cosmos Arena is a 4-player platformer battle arena. The game features vertically scrolling levels where the players' goal is to reach the generator at the top and deactivate it. Players can play cooperatively or competitively - it is possible to kill off your friends and win alone but it is much easier to beat the level together. The game takes place on a distant planet with hostile aliens, and the players have jetpacks to maneuver through the low gravity, and toxic seed guns which use seeds from alien plants which cause damage when hitting an enmy or teammate but grows into a plant trp if it lands on the ground.

The team - MJ Johns, Bob Stephens, Kyle Chittenden, Max Breughe, and Troy Grooms.

Sundown Arcadia

Currently in development, target release on GearVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Tobii Eye Tracker.

Sundown Arcadia is a VR hidden object survival game, where the player's only form of interaction is their gaze. The player stares at objects hidden in the world to collect, and interacts with the UI elements by staring to select and craft new items. In Sundown Arcadia, the player is a Forest Spirit, so their survival depends on the survival of the forst. The player must protect the forest from invading evil spirits.

Slapdash Bones

Available on Google Play

Slapdash Bones is a local multiplayer dice game for Android. 2-4 players take turns rolling dice on one phone, competing to get the highest score.

Cat Cave

Available on Google Play and on iTunes

You can also get Cat Cave for PC on itch.io:

Or play it in your web browser: Cat Cave Web

Cat Cave is an endless runner starring a cat. Try to get the highest score and compete with your friends!

Color Bounce

Available on Google Play and on Web

Ice Breakout

Available on Web

Created this breakout game with the help of a tutorial to relearn Javascript and web game dev.