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Cosmos Arena

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Cosmos Arena is a local multiplayer action platformer battle arena set on a far distant hostile planet.

The world of Cosmos Arena takes place on a planet rich with plant life that has been invaded by a high tech robot species. Play as an intergalactic park ranger sent from Earth to defend the helpless planet and drive out the invaders. Up to four players play together on one screen using controllers to move their character around using a jet pack and collecting seeds to shoot from a seed gun. Players choose to work together or compete for glory - the level is won by defeating the invading robot enemies, but any number of players can win together.

Cosmos Arena has been in development since late 2016. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to receive regular updates about the game's progress.

We like to share our development process and show what goes into making a game. Below you can see the videos and screenshots of different stages of the project.

First Prototype

First Playable

Early Art Style

Gameplay Progress

Current Gameplay

New Art Direction

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